Marketing fundamentals are your worst enemy. Here are the ways to defeat it

Did you know? the fundamentals of marketing become the bestie of your business when you learn correctly else it becomes the worst enemy of your business when you fail to learn it correctly.

Got stuck with overloaded information about marketing? and want to know about the exact definition of marketing fundamentals and you are at the right place this article is exclusively for you. Here is the clearcut crispy information about marketing. In this article, we are going to discuss the fundamentals of marketing, Digital marketing vs traditional marketing, CATT Marketing Funnel, Integrated Digital Marketing, Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

Fundamentals of Marketing:-

Marketing is the art of providing value to the customers according to their needs. Actually, marketing becomes more simple when you understand the concepts clearly and you will become an expert in them. Marketing has several criteria to implement it. They are

Limitations of marketing:-

~Before making any product gather information about the customer needs by doing marketing and create the product according to the needs.

~Don’t concentrate on selling the product alone, concentrate more on providing value and building trust, after getting some testimonials that the product doesn’t need any marketing it will sell automatically through your customer referrals. Be ensure about the quality of your product.

~Give value to your customer's entire lifetime, don’t let them go after purchasing your product. Stick with them by updating the new values.

~Don’t show interest in earnings show interest in building your brand once you build your brand with trust customers will automatically be pulled up to your product.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou,

So make people feel proud of consuming your product by building a strong high-quality and trustworthy product.

Building a brand name:-

Building a brand name is the process of becoming a leader in your particular niche. If you cannot be a leader in your niche try to be a leader in your sub-niche. It is not necessary to be the no.1 be the only one who offers a unique product and service. Built your brand as verbs that hide the real verbs for example Zoom for video conferencing, Google for search engine, etc.

Do you know? the most valuable investment in a business that gives immediate returns of investment in Marketing. If you are looking forward to building a digital marketing agency then it's mandatory to learn marketing.

If you are an expert in marketing then no one else can defeat your successful career. Any business can be outdated because of technology development but marketing doesn’t lose its shine.

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing:-

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

So far digital marketing concern, we cannot underestimate the importance of traditional marketing as it has many facets like tv ads, posters, radio ads which helps to reach a wider set of audiences (inside the country). It works well when used to promote low-end consumer products. As long as technology is evolving digital marketing continues to grow which helps to reach the worldwide audience and can able to track the end user's actions after watching the ad. It helps to modify the mistake of the ads.

I hope everyone understands about basics of marketing now it's time to implement the process of making sales. For that, we need to know about CATT funnels,

Wondering? Come on let's discuss it,

CATT Marketing Funnel:-

First of all, what is CATT?

C → Content

A → Attention

T → Trust

T → Transaction

Lets us assume that we found our profitable niche and the next process is to write the value-packed CONTENT about the niche which grabs the ATTENTION of most people by driving traffic to your content through a blog, youtube, paid ads then ensure that your content should be built trust among the audience over you. If you did all these 3 steps without any error then the final part TRANSACTION which is conversion will automatically happen.

Remember the most important formula for success, that is


Clear right!!

Let’s get into another interesting segment…

The Integrated digital marketing framework:-

Before getting into the topic have a look at this image

The integrated digital marketing framework

Let me know what you observed from the image.

Yes obviously! Content marketing is playing a center of attraction which means for every process like email marketing, Sell, social media, SEO content plays a major role and every process is interlinked with one another.

A simple explanation about IDMF (integrated digital marketing framework) is an individual strategy doesn’t create any impact on its own when replicating each other you can create a moral influential online presence.

Yeah, that’s all about IDMF.

Here is the most favorite segment of mine personally.

Did you get it?

Yes, you are right! Personal branding

Personal branding and mass trust blueprint:-

It is necessary to build your personal brand so that people can build trust in you, moreover, you can be benefited in many ways from your personal brand.

If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. — Zig Ziglar

  • It builds your confidence level personally.
  • It helps to scale up your entire growth, sales, profit, etc.,
  • It helps to build your credibility in the market and allows you to easily distinguish yourself from other competitors in your industry.

Look at this picture it describes the evolution of personal branding,

  1. Learn:- Learning is an important factor, To build a successful brand we should learn more things about concepts, facts.
  2. Work:- After learning it's important to implement it to gain experience whatever the result may be positive or negative keep working. If you win you will get results if you lose you will earn experience which is more important than revenue.
  3. Blog:- Write about what you learned, by writing you understand the concept better.
  4. Consult:- Blog helps in gives you authority while consulting with clients, It adds one more feather to your cap.
  5. Mentor:- Mentor other people who are on a similar path like you.
  6. Startup:- Built your own startup company with the skills you gained in the previous steps.

and that’s is all about personal branding guys!!


I hope this article helped you to defeat your negative vibes about marketing. Marketing is all about creativity and practice. So rush up to learn new more things to enhance your career in digital marketing. If you want more assistance with digital marketing follows Digital deepak. Thanks a lot for investing your time to read my article. Post your valuable comments about the article in the comment box below.